This week’s round up is – Stuffing. I know it is not close to Thanksgiving, but I love stuffing at all times of the year. This week I want to round up some stuffing recipes that you could make for dinner any time of the year. Five Star Apple Sausage and […]

Recipe Round Up – Stuffing

Tyrell Drink
Welcome to another installment in our Game of Thrones cocktail series! Each of these cocktails was conceived of while we were playing the Game of Thrones board game, so each is based on one of the playable houses from the game. Today we focus on the duplicitous and powerful House Tyrell with the […]

Game of Thrones Cocktail – Concealed Thorns (House Tyrell)

This week’s round up is one of my favorite ingredients – Bananas I decided on bananas because they are so versatile in cooking. They can be used very creatively. Bananas add a beautiful natural sweetness and creaminess without the acidity that a lot of fruits bring. Here are some of the […]

Recipe Round Up – Bananas

This week’s recipe round up – Cinnamon Rolls I picked this week’s round up because it just sounds delicious. Some warm, soft, and delicious cinnamon rolls anyone? Yes, I thought so. I have not made homemade cinnamon rolls ever in my life and that needs to change. Therefore, this week’s round […]

Recipe Round Up – Cinnamon Rolls

no 9 park 2
In addition to visiting Menton, (rhymes with “wonton”) while in Boston we also visiting another one of restaurateur Barbara Lynch’s James Beard award winning restaurants, No. 9 Park. No. 9 Park ended up being our favorite restaurant experience during that trip to Boston. While at Menton, we chatted with our server about […]

Dining Out Experience: No. 9 Park

This week’s round up is – Salads. It is so easy to make boring salad. Just grab some greens and throw some dressing on it. That’s all you need to do to make a salad, right? But, what about having salad as your dinner? What about making an impressive salad to […]

Recipe Round Up – Salads

Welcome to part three of our multi-part cocktail series based on the houses of Game of Thrones!  All of these cocktails were concocted while playing the Game of Thrones board game, each based on one of the playable houses. Today, we will look at a cocktail based on House Martell called The […]

Game of Thrones Cocktail – The Sand Snake (Martell)

This week’s round up is – Fudge. Oh fudge… you are so delicious. I am very excited about the fudge recipes I found this week. Peanut butter fudge was one of the very first recipes I made as a child, and I became obsessed. Fudge is one of those great recipes […]

Recipe Round Up – Fudge

This week’s round up is – Soup It is winter here, and we have been making soup left and right. My favorite soup is a Chicken and Dumpling soup I make (you can check out the recipe in our cookbook). So, pull out your sweatpants, put on Scott Pilgrim (or another […]

Recipe Round Up – Soup

Menton's 3
Oh tasting menus, you make life so fantastic. Menton (rhymes with “wonton”) in Boston was definitely a win for us with tasting menus. We found this restaurant and the delicious No. 9 Park because we wanted to try James Beard award winning restaurateur Barbara Lynch’s best restaurants. This restaurant had a more […]

Dining Out Experience: Menton